So, i have booked the rest of the exams for this year.


BIOL1 resit/BIOL2

and the 2 practicals for both subjects.

I love it!

Bring it on! I can’t wait to take on the exams. I just love my subjects. Biology is challenging. Physics is┬áridiculously intimidating but quite easy after a while.

Please wish me the best of luck!


Mechanics, Materials and Waves – PHYA2

I started this weekend’s study at 11am. It is now 7pm. I could continue but I need a well-earned rest for tomorrow’s trigonometry marathon.

I love this unit although I still feel like I’m in deep water but hopefully that will pass as I gain more of an intuition for what I am doing. I have found that working with the calculations is enjoyable and I seem to understand the concepts more if practice them and absorb myself in it rather than passively reading the pages of the book.

I plan on being up at 7am to do a 10 hour session on this unit.

I am a paid subscriber of an amazing mathematics site where I can practice many of the mechanics questions in this unit so this is life-saving for me.

I have 2 revision guides and 2 large workbooks for this section so hopefully I can get a real handle it.



I’ve spent all weekend on the mechanics section of AS Physics. I’ve not got very far since I need to relearn the basics of Trigonometry. It’s time-consuming but it’s an absolute must for this unit. I’m thinking of taking the mechanics unit for maths at the same time, this makes sense!

There are so many good teachers out there on the net but it is challenging finding everything and putting it together and relating it specifically to my course. Sheesh!

Keep going! – Every page is an undiscovered galaxy

I love Unit 1 of A level Physics on quantum phenomena and electricity, it is hard work though.

I did a ton of study yesterday and today I’m having a mental block. I felt discouraged and stared blankly at the pages of Unit 2: Mechanics, materials and waves. An abyss of information and calculations.

I decided that the best way forward was to go for a 5 mile run. Let things settle before I embark on another journey through the space of my mind in the aspect of the second unit of the course.

Each new page is a new galaxy; undiscovered and unknown. It can be quite overwhelming. I feel like I’m inside a tiny vessel looking outward and in a very short space of time i need to become that galaxy. I need to fully understand it, to be one with it in all of its expanse.

In reality though, there is not much to be learnt. It just appears at present difficult and gigantic.

Every page I will try to master part by part. Time is ticking though and I need to remain focused.