Exams are finished – looking forward to learning more!

It has been an extremely busy 2 months! Intense study and revision has really taken over my life.

I have completed my practical examinations for the sciences at UWE, University of West England, in Bristol which were ok.

All AS units of Physics and Biology are now complete, I feel I have done extremely well and am very happy. I await the results in a couple of months.


Cambridge University have officially accepted me to their Summer School which is an amazing opportunity to experience world-class teaching and gain guidance from experienced tutors.

I will start A level Maths at the weekend and focus on this exclusively until January where I will have completed all but 1 of the modules. Doing an A level in 1 year is hard but doing a full A level in less than that whilst studying other A levels whilst in full-time work will be challenging but the harder, the more rewarding!

My new blog site: Real Kadampa, will be available soon as I have decided to create a separate blog for Buddhist Psychology and practice.



So, i have booked the rest of the exams for this year.


BIOL1 resit/BIOL2

and the 2 practicals for both subjects.

I love it!

Bring it on! I can’t wait to take on the exams. I just love my subjects. Biology is challenging. Physics is ridiculously intimidating but quite easy after a while.

Please wish me the best of luck!


Ok. So today I found out that I got a C. Prediction correct but fail to gain the goal I set for my self.

My biggest mistake in the exam was thinking that I had more time, when this killed me. Going forward, I will be a little more aware of it and react appropriately.

Today I was upset, I was thinking about what I should do and so on but at the end of the day I did do well according to the circumstances. No tutor, no real direction, just individual research. I have learnt a lot about my own learning techniques and I hope this shows in future exams.

We were out tonight at the Red Squirrel celebrating. We had lovely tasty food and it felt good. Now I must focus on the re-sit and focus on Physics and getting as much done as possible.




Winning and losing at the same time – tomorrow is results day!

As Rocky said, ““No-one hits harder than life. It’s not about how hard you can hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward – that’s how winning is done!”

But, I am feeling slightly miserable.

I worked extremely hard on BIOL1. Before the exam I had practiced endless test papers and improved my exam technique. I was confident as I was completing the practice papers with lots of time to spare so before the actual exam I was calm, ready and looking forward to it.

During the exam was a different story. I started off well, I got stuck, then I panicked. Time quickly disappeared as I searched for the right answers, the pressure was mounting. Staring at the clock on the wall, it seemed to laugh at me as my pen was steaming on the answer book.

I did not complete all the questions. Needless to say I was quite disheartened by this, however, being the first exam I had sat in many years it was a good to get my toes wet and see how I would get on.

Today, AQA, the awarding body have issued the grade boundaries for the year on all subjects. On The Student Room (TSR) forum, many people are overjoyed, some are rightly upset.

For BIOL1, the grade boundary is the highest it has ever been, this means more marks are needed to get higher grades. I am collecting my results from Basil Peterson College in Edinburgh tomorrow.

I have to keep reminding myself that I did all I could in the time I had. Re-learning things from GCSE level and applying it at A level is no easy task in such a short time. It makes me wonder how well I would have got on if I had been studying full-time. Alas, this is no time to justify my performance. I want to celebrate whatever my grade but I cannot help but feel glum.

After seeing the grade boundary, I am predicting grade C.

I can learn from it or I can beat myself up about it. I really feel I gave it 100%. So I intend to grieve for this for a short period and then swiftly hold this energy to propel me into becoming even more focused and determined to succeed!

I stride forward…

If I want it, I must go get it and be happy with the journey.