The end, the beginning

I have  now finished my contract with my employer, after a decade of being with them, first as a temp, then as a full-time employee. Today I begin a new life.

Today was very dream-like. I went and visited old team-members and I had good wishes from many people. Many people were genuinely inspired by my story.  Many were really sad to see me go, “the risk, the determination, the balls!” they said, but to me, I see everything as dream-like.

When I go somewhere else I really just experience another part of my mind, my perception widens, I learn about myself.

You can’t leave something you have already mentally left. Mentally I had been gone from that place for a long time so today was very easy. I just tried to speak to as many people as I could to bring a bit of happiness to them as I left. To most of them I was their ‘Councillor’ someone who cared and listened to the stories of their lives. Some saw me as lazy, some delusional, some thought I was made to leave a ‘good job’ for a student life. Some people laughed when I said I wanted to be a CBT therapist.

I am undeterred. I know my destiny. I walk unafraid, undaunted, with power, I trust this journey!


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