Exams are finished – looking forward to learning more!

It has been an extremely busy 2 months! Intense study and revision has really taken over my life.

I have completed my practical examinations for the sciences at UWE, University of West England, in Bristol which were ok.

All AS units of Physics and Biology are now complete, I feel I have done extremely well and am very happy. I await the results in a couple of months.


Cambridge University have officially accepted me to their Summer School which is an amazing opportunity to experience world-class teaching and gain guidance from experienced tutors.

I will start A level Maths at the weekend and focus on this exclusively until January where I will have completed all but 1 of the modules. Doing an A level in 1 year is hard but doing a full A level in less than that whilst studying other A levels whilst in full-time work will be challenging but the harder, the more rewarding!

My new blog site: Real Kadampa, will be available soon as I have decided to create a separate blog for Buddhist Psychology and practice.


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