Cambridge Mature Students’ Summer School, 19-22 July 2012

From the Cambridge website:

The Summer School is free to participants. We may be able to help with costs involved in getting to/from Cambridge if you are experiencing financial difficulties.

  • Participants will stay in a Cambridge College devoted to mature students, in single study-bedrooms. There are no shared bedrooms but participants will normally share bathrooms with other participants of the same gender.
  • All meals will be eaten together in the College cafeteria, where there will be a choice of food.
  • Experienced staff and current Cambridge undergraduate students will be present throughout the Summer School to offer support and contribute to all sessions. Staff will stay in the same College and will be on call overnight.
  • Systems are in place to support students with disabilities and/or other additional needs.
  • Participants will have opportunities for socialising, with activities such as a theatre trip, punting on the river, tours of the city or a gala dinner.
Nice. So, today i have completed my application and it has been received. I will find out 31 May 2012 if i have been lucky enough to receive an invite to this very cool occasion!

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