Mechanics, Materials and Waves – PHYA2

I started this weekend’s study at 11am. It is now 7pm. I could continue but I need a well-earned rest for tomorrow’s trigonometry marathon.

I love this unit although I still feel like I’m in deep water but hopefully that will pass as I gain more of an intuition for what I am doing. I have found that working with the calculations is enjoyable and I seem to understand the concepts more if practice them and absorb myself in it rather than passively reading the pages of the book.

I plan on being up at 7am to do a 10 hour session on this unit.

I am a paid subscriber of an amazing mathematics site where I can practice many of the mechanics questions in this unit so this is life-saving for me.

I have 2 revision guides and 2 large workbooks for this section so hopefully I can get a real handle it.



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