The middle way – finding balance

I never ever feel guilty about things ever. I do however, from time to time, get the feeling that I should be doing more: studying more; meditating more; loving others more; spending time with others more.

Right now, I am planning on going out for a meal with my girlfriend Clodagh but in the back of my mind I keep thinking, “this is valuable study time”. This is a rather pointless thought. It means i cannot ‘be’ where I am because my mind will be distracted elsewhere. A focused mind is a powerful mind and it is this mind i should learn to cultivate since it makes all activities successful. If I can achieve this view, then all consequent actions will become very productive.

This whole should be doing more feeling reveals a few things I can learn here:

1. This is reflection of my determination to succeed and not waste my meaningful life.

2. This is a reflection of my view: that of perfection – a standard I simply cannot expect myself to meet. I think I should be at X but I am really at point Y. Learning to accept where I am at is paramount to being happy with this journey of becoming a psychologist.

3. The old cliché – Less is more: it’s all about quality, not quantity. When I am working all day and studying most of the night it is very tiring. I need a break. Allowing myself a break and to have time to relax is a vital part of staying fresh whilst studying and learning. Finding the balance is important.

4. The power of relaxation – in Buddhism, this is highlighted as an important practice since it revitalizes oneself to higher energy states whereby one can actively intend to enjoy a good rest for a virtuous reason. My reason is so that I can continue to be effective, not just in my study and learning but in all aspects of my life. I will get where I want to go if I pace myself, relax and rejoice in the journey.


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