Are Buddhist’s crazy?

Depends on your point of view.

Many people believe that religion is for people who have no intellectual ability. Many people believe Buddhism is a cult or for people who need help and who cannot think for themselves.

Whether you call it a way of life, a religion, a place for people who cannot think for themselves depends entirely upon one’s own experience.

Having a very keen interest in science i myself am always at first skeptical and am not quick to come to a conclusion. After a decade of seeing for myself, investigating, experimenting with Buddhist psychology i can happily say that you don’t know until you try.

Buddhism is very scientific in some respects; certainly an inner science. Very experimental. The observable phenomena of the mind are a key component of this science. Which is why i love Buddhism. It basically challenges people to see for themselves.

The same could be said for psychology as a whole. Many people do not really see psychology as a science or a discipline of study. Many Buddhists i know tend to hold similar views about popular psychology, which is why i am very interested to find out for myself!


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