Complex Concepts & keeping it simple

Hectic day at work, extremely busy. It’s surprising how long it takes my mind to come down and relax before i can concentrate to a useful level.

Studying – i get in and just want to jump in and get through my ‘quota’ of work for the day but sometimes it doesn’t go as planned. Some concepts are pretty complex. I find it useful to break the concepts down to the most simple of all and instead of getting bogged down i usually move on and then come back to it when my mind feels clearer. I find that when i leave the ‘picture’ to form naturally it comes. Complex concepts are just lots of smaller concepts. I find that if i bog myself down with too much information rather than get the essence any further study is pointless.

As my mum says, “keep it simple, relax your mind and everything will be easier” – such great advice. My determination to succeed can be overwhelming as i set very high standards for myself. But in general i continue to remain positive, busy and focused on my goal.

I’ve done a few hours of study on DNA and so i am going to take a well earned bath and listen to some relaxing sounds.


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